Today there is little doubt that Augmented Reality technology has huge potential to enhance our surroundings and make us more perceptive and reactive in a number of different situations. But why aren’t we using AR already in everyday life? This talk will expose and discuss the most widespread myths about the technology and what we should do to go forward and harness its potential.

With a background in Geo-Information Science, Zornitza moved from designing web-based virtual globes to focus on improving the experience with smartphone Augmented Reality, during her PhD at Bournemouth University. This cutting-edge research was awarded 1st Prize at the Designing Mobile Augmented Reality workshop, at the Mobile Human-Computer Interaction (MobileHCI) conference in Germany, 2013.

Zornitza is part of the Augmented Reality Standards community and the Commission on Use and User Issues at the International Cartographic Association.

Zornitza’s passion is collecting and transforming qualitative and quantitative data into actionable insights, which help businesses improve their digital presence and services. With in-depth knowledge of all stages of a user-centred design lifecycle, Zornitza believes that each product and service can deliver an exceptional experience, if we focus on the actual needs and requirements of our customers