Traditionally, the design of objects and virtual interfaces is based on functional and aesthetic requirements. However, with a better understanding of how the human brain and body function, and how they work together, we now ask ourselves – can we take a new approach to design by optimizing the use of brain- and body-intelligence to create emotions and to make objects in our daily lives better and more efficient?

Patrik Künzler received his medical doctorate from the University of Zurich. After which he joined the Nobel laureate Dr. Susumu Tonegawa at MIT in Cambridge USA, to do his post-doctorate research. Patrik then joined the Smart Cities group of Dr. William J. Mitchell at the MITMedia Lab. He moved back to Switzerland In 2008, to start his own company. He has received several patents for his studies while working for companies such as General Motors, Ferrari, Frank O. Gehry Architects, and VW.