Something huge has begun in the world of Virtual Reality, many big names in VR are coming together to create the Global Virtual Reality Association (GVRA), and it’s non-profit. The GVRA will equip the companies involved to better develop Virtual Reality by conducting research together and sharing their best practices. Oculus, HTC Vive, Google, Sony, and Samsung are coming together to make a true community out of Virtual Reality.

So far, it seems, everyone in the field who tries Virtual Reality sees so much more than a simple gaming tool. The Global Virtual Reality Association will work to further the potential they have seen in the systems. While gaming in VR is all fun, and the companies know that, they intend to educate people from the commonplace consumer to governments and industry about what VR could be potentially used for in the future. While educating people about the possible future of Virtual Reality the association intends to get ahead of any possible challenges before they occur. They want to develop and disperse this brilliant new piece of technology in the most responsible way they can.

Virtual Reality is already bringing on several advancements such as the immersive video games (obviously), applications in Labor Industries (such as the ability to design T-shirts using Virtual Reality systems), and even colleges are opening up several classes involving the different aspects of VR. With so many big name companies coming together the advancements are sure to come all the faster and be all the better. It seems plenty of work will also be done on making games that work well with all of the systems.

The details of how this new association will achieve its many goals remains unclear; however, the news that so many different companies are coming together to be transparent is pleasing news. The Association intends to make the most of any possibilities surrounding Virtual Reality and ensure they are shared around the world. It appears that every company involved wants only to create great experiences and make the industry of Virtual Reality exciting and successful.