Vijay Karunakaran, is the founder & CEO of InGage Technologies, a digital customer engagement company specializing in emerging mobile technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) designed to communicate and engage with today’s new digital consumer in a very cool and innovative way. Vijay is a true global citizen having lived, worked, and traveled around the world throughout his life. In the past 20 years of his professional experience, he formed and led teams across multiple countries including US, India, Germany, Israel, Singapore, Malaysia, China and Costa Rica. These global experiences have greatly influenced him professionally and culturally. To Vijay, leadership is more than just a position. It is a lifetime experience — a process he consistently been through since his primary school days. Before founding InGage, he has held senior executive positions at various Fortune 500 companies like Intel and AMD in the US. During his 12+ years at Intel as Director, he led and nurtured varied business & engineering functions that included Smartphones & Tablet business development, Atom mobile processor design & validation. Based on his 20+ years of global experience, Vijay has phenomenal expertise across industry verticals such as Mobile, Internet and Software, Semiconductor, Telecom, and Consumer Electronics. He holds an M.S. In Electrical Engineering from the Tennessee Tech and an M.B.A in Entrepreneurship and Marketing from Duke University. On a lighter side, he also Co-founded two restaurants in India while still in college; managed it for 3 years and engineered a successful exit by selling the restaurants before pursuing higher education in the US. He is an active sports person having captained his college football team, and regularly plays tennis with friends as a stress breaker. Vijay currently lives in Chennai with his wife, 2 kids and mother.

Vijay Karunakaran and Mukundan Govindaraj demonstrate InGage, a new augmented reality platform for Android/iOS designed for brands across a broad spectrum of industries to engage with their customers in an interactive and economical way. The concept of Augmented reality was used to give a magical presentation .