Author: Madison Worm

The Big Names of VR Have Come Together

Something huge has begun in the world of Virtual Reality, many big names in VR are coming together to create the Global Virtual Reality Association (GVRA), and it’s non-profit. The GVRA will equip the companies involved to better develop Virtual Reality by conducting research together and sharing their best practices. Oculus, HTC Vive, Google, Sony, and Samsung are coming together to make a true community out of Virtual Reality. So far, it seems, everyone in the field who tries Virtual Reality sees so much more than a simple gaming tool. The Global Virtual Reality Association will work to further...

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How The Oculus Rift Was First Built

Oculus Rift wasn’t always as sleek as it is now, at one point it was passionate 18-year-old Palmer Luckey’s personal project. After purchasing some of the old VR prototypes Luckey noticed they possessed low contrast, high latency, and low Field-of-view. Luckey’s disappointment at the old prototypes drove him to begin work on his own. In 2011, after gathering up everything he needed, Luckey went to work on his first prototype in his parent’s garage. Eventually, he created his first VR prototype entitled CR1 featuring a 90 degree Field of View (FOV) subsequently he began working with features such as...

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